Get some fresh air with the Easter Beagle!

Some of Charles Schulz most famous Peanuts’ comics include sports misshaps, which usually result in misery for the ever unsuccesful and morose Charlie Brown. He never seems to be able to catch the baseball, is always in the wrong place in the field, and is always somehow foiled (most often by Lucy) when he tries to punt a football. What you can say for Charlie Brown, though, is that he’s a good sport.

The importance of exercise in our lives, especially for kids growing up, cannot be emphasized enough, however. However bad the characters in Peanuts may be at sports, they are still constantly trying, behavior which should be encouraged to real children across the world. With help from the Peanuts, kids will be encouraged to do just that at multiple events across the country.

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“Peanuts at Bat” is an exhibit open now through May 1 at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum in Michigan. As part of the exhibit, the museum will host hands-on games and fun for youngsters from March 29 through April 2 from 1 to 4 pm. These games will focus on the fun and health aspects of all sports. Check out more information on their site.

Knott’s Theme Park will host “Snoopy Training” March 27 through April 11 for kids ages 3-11. Snoopy and his pals will be ready to get in shape by sharing their favorite sports activities, like baseball, soccer, basketball, and even some victory dancing. There will also be a live musical revue starring Charlie Brown and the Peanuts’ Gang at the Camp Snoopy Theater.

The Easter Beagle is also alive and well, and will be visiting the Texas state railroad as well as the Norwood Fire Company 30th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Kennedy Memorial Park in Hempstead, NY this Sunday, March 28 at 1:30.

These are just a few of the fun events that kids and families can take part in in the coming week, so encourage the whole family to go outside and enjoy the fresh air! Remember that for 50 years during baseball season, Schulz sent his hapless gang out to lose game after game, but they always had a good time, and entertained readers across the country.


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