Homage to the Masters: Paintings on Silk

There is an oft-repeated cliché that nothing is original, and that artists, writers, and thinkers alike repurpose the work of previous generations, reproducing styles, themes, and trends. Many embrace the work of other artists and create wonderful works in homage to their influences.

The piece on the left by Lara Volkonskaya is titled "Star Rise" and is an homage the the famous painting by Van Gogh on the right, "Starry Night"

One such incredibly talented artist is Lara Volkonskaya. Born to a Soviet diplomat, Lara spent her childhood travelling around the world, becoming exposed to many cultures, and exploring museums and galleries all around the world. The work of some artists spoke so strongly to Lara that she went to study art at the Moscow Art Academy.

As she progressed as an artist, Lara mastered the incredibly demanding technique of silk painting, which requires extreme patience. Using this technique, Lara began painting wonderful homages to the artists that so deeply inspired her, including Jasper Johns, Monet, Klimt, and Picasso. Her work captures the spirit of the original work, imbuing it with her own energy. Her versatility with different styles is also amazing, as she manages to get at the heart of painting by completely different artists. Below is some of her work that left our jaws hanging.


"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" - Homage to Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror

"Will You Come to My Parlor" - Homage to Klimt's Water Serpents

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" - Homage to Matisse's La Chute d'Icare


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