Grateful Dead to make an appearance at New York Historical Society Exhibit

Perhaps you’re a fan of rock and roll? Maybe you’ve even got a tie-dyed t-shirt somewhere in your closet and would consider yourself a “Deadhead”? Well you aren’t alone; numerous celebrities, including former president Bill Clinton and Senator Al Franken are fans of the psychedelic music of the Grateful Dead, and all those fans now have something special to rejoice over! The New York Historical Society is featuring an exhibit called Grateful Dead: Now Playing at the New York Historical Society, which is running now through July 4th.

Highlights of the exhibit include musical instruments from the band, like former keyboardist Pigpen’s harmonica, large-scale marionettes like the skeletons from the “Touch of Grey” music video, original art from their posters and albums, props, signs, and the creative fan mail the Dead received over the years.

It has been said of the artwork made by Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelly for the Dead (of Family Dog/Rhino Ent), that the posters managed to “capture the very sound of music.”  The style was heavily influenced by Art Nouveau, specifically the work of Alphonse Mucha and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, who were both famous for creating posters in an earlier era. The art on the posters often walked a line of beauty and horror, resulting intricate masterpieces that appealed to people all across.

Whether you are a longtime fan, or are newly discovering the music and art of the Grateful Dead, head over to the New York Historical Society. It should be a total trip.


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