Artist Profile: Bua – Ovation TV Video

This piece by Ovation TV features one of our favorite artists, Justin Bua. What makes Bua so special? Bua’s art is not isolated from the world around him; it features the people, the colors, the grit, and the beauty to be found in the bustle of the streets or late at night at club. What speaks to people the most is that they feel that street culture is being represented, that Bua is an artist of the people. He immortalizes people who are often ignored by the fine art world: the rapper, the DJ, the breakdancer. He often captures the rhythym of their music in his paintings,  using vibrant yellows and daring reds and dramatic lighting and convey energy and deep passion, as well as deep purples and blues that evoke a romantic and mysterious feeling.

Another aspect of Bua’s paintings that is truly unique is how he manages to paint the world in an exagerrated fashions — often portraying elongated limbs, large hands — which only heightens their essence. For instance, in Bass Player, the musicians long fingers and arms are articulate to dramatic effect. Each muscle and sinew in the musicians arm is defined, causing it to resemble a bow . The instrument itself is fluid, and it wraps itself around the musician, and it is as though the instrument and musician are one. Even the colors of the musician are reflected in his instrument, as though he could melt into it at any time.

Each of Bua’s paintings has the same amount of detail and care invested in its paint strokes, but he tries to make his work accessible. Posters of his work can be found everywhere, giving new breath to urban art.


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