Peanuts on Parade!

One of the 55 statues made of Charlie Brown in Santa Rosa

In 2005, the Peanuts on Parade Project was launched in Santa Rosa, California, under the name “It’s Your Town, Charlie Brown.” 55 Charlie Brown statues dotted the streets and sidewalks of Santa Rosa, decorated by local artists. This project was incredibly successful, and in 2006, another beloved Schulz character could be spotted around town, this time 76 statues of Woodstock for all the ornithologists out there. Then, in 2007, a whopping 95 Snoopy statues, decorated by local artists with his famous accessories — sunglasses, aviator goggles, top hat — greeted locals and tourists alike.

Unfortunately, it seemed like the project came to a close after 2007, although the statues can still be found all over Santa Rosa, even the country. But the Schulz family has announced that the project is back! So if want “psychiatric help,” head over to Santa Rosa this summer because the doctor is IN. Local artists will soon start decorating 30 statues of Lucy, our favorite little girl with attitude, who will be honored with statues all over town.

This kind of project has also been done in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Charles Schulz grew up. He lived in Santa Rosa from about 1969 until his death in 2000. Santa Rosa is also the location of the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Schulz worked on Peanuts for 50 years, and this year marks the 60th anniversary of the series.


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